Global Registry of Claims of Innocence

Claims by State

Rev. 6/8/16  Total: 729

Claims of Innocence in the U.S. by state (50) and

territory/commonwealth/district/Federal (6)

The listing of each inmate is linked either to a supportive website (w) or to media articles and other documents. (d)


Banks, David (d)-  2011, Conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud (Colorado Six) [A Just Cause]
Barnes, Kendrick  (d)-  2011, Conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud (Colorado Six) [A Just Cause]
Barton, Robert (w)- 1997, Murder (District of Columbia)
Blakney, Recardo Domiceke (d)- 2006, Firearms offenses: stealing and possession [South Carolina]
Branch, Eddie (w)- 2008, Voluntary Manslaughter (Louisiana)
Brown, Emanuel (d)- 1991, Bank Robbery
Dean, Jesse (d)- 1997, Drug Importing  (Florida)
DiPietro, Angelo (d)- 2005, Extortion [New York]
Ehlers, Edwin (d)- 2004, Rape (North Carolina)
Gonzalez, Fernando, (w)- 2001, Espionage (Member of the “Cuban Five”) (Florida)
Gonzalez, Rene, (w)- 2001, Espionage (Member of the “Cuban Five”) (Florida)
Guerrero, Antonio, (w)- 2001, Espionage (Member of the “Cuban Five”) (Florida)
Harper, Demetrius,  (d)-  2011, Conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud (Colorado Six) [A Just Cause]
Hayat, Hamid (d)- 2006, Supporting Terrorists/Lying to FBI
Hernandez, Gerardo, (w)- 2001, Espionage (Member of the “Cuban Five”) (Florida)
Hester, Sung Cho Steve (d)- 2004, Conspiracy to possess and distribute drugs  (Texas)
Johnson, Coleman Leake, Jr. (d)- 2001, Bombing/Murder
Koonin, Alfred (w)- 2001, Murder for hire (California)
Labanino, Ramon, (w)- 2001, Espionage (Member of the “Cuban Five”) (Florida)
LaFuente, Richard John (d)- 1986, Murder (North Dakota) [Minnesota Innocence Project]
MacDonald, Jeffrey (w)-1979, Murder (North Carolina)
Mason, Bruce (d)- 2002, Arson (New York)
Mui, Yick Man (d)- 1996, Racketeering, [New York.]
Nelson, Albert Shaw (d)- 1990, Drug Trafficking
Nickell, Stella (w)- 1988, Product Tampering leading to death (Washington State)
Peltier, Leonard (w)- 1977, Murder (South Dakota)
Reynolds, Michael (d)- 2007, Abetting terrorism (Pennsylvania)
Siegelman, Don (d)- 2008, Corruption (Alabama)
Spindle, Thomas Wayne (d)- 1982 (Hawaii)
Stewart, Clinton   (d)-  2011, Conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud (Colorado Six) [A Just Cause]
Trenkler, Alfred (w)- 1993, Receipt of explosive materials, Att. malicious destruction of property (Mass.)[Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted]  [BonPasse Exoneration Services]
Vasco, Guillermo (w) (d)- 2005, Interstate Mails for Solicitation for Murder (Mass.)
Walker, Gary  (d)-  2011, Conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud (Colorado Six) [A Just Cause]
Williams, David Christopher (d)- 2002, Possess and distribute marijuana
Zirpolo, David  (d)-  2011, Conspiracy to commit fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud (Colorado Six) [A Just Cause]
Zuniga, Josh (d) – 2007, Child Pornography (Texas)


Arthur. Thomas (w)- 1983, Murder
Bell, Taurus Lamont (d)- 2007, Murder [Georgia Innocence Project][Equal Justice Initiative]
Campbell, Eddie John (d)- 1989, Murder [Georgia Innocence Project]
Carroll, Taurus (w)- 1997, Murder
Cunningham, Dewayne (d)- 1996, Rape
Davis, Timothy Charles (w)- 1980, Murder
Day, Gary (w)- ____, Rape
Hammonds, Artez (d)- 1997, Murder/Rape
Jackson, Armand Joseph (d)- 1982, Murder
Johnson, James Allen (d)- 1999, Murder
Kuenzel, William Ernest (d)- 1988, Murder
Mays, Donnie (w)- 2002, Murder
Roberts, Theodore Alton, Jr. (d)- 1990, Murder [Georgia Inn. Project][Equal Justice Initiative]
Scott, Willie Earl (d)- 2002, Murder/Rape
Smith, Luther (d)- 2005, Murder [Georgia Innocence Project][Equal Justice Initiative]
Stanberry, Rodney
(w)- 1995, Attempted Murder
Tedder, Robert (d)- 1983, Public Lewdness and other sexual crimes
Toney, Lamond Aundrea (d)- 2001, Murder [Georgia Innocence Project]
Tomlin, Phillip Wayne (d)- 1999, Murder
Walker, Gary Eugene (d)- 1985, Murder [Georgia Innocence Project]
Wheat, Moses, Jr.  (d)- 2005, Murder [Georgia Innocence Project]
Wilson, Betty (w)- 1994, Murder


Alexander, Michael (d) – 1988, Murder
Frese, George (w)- 1999, Murder (Fairbanks Four)
Lambert, Newton Patric (d)- 1983, Murder
Marino, Gregory (d)- 1994, Murder [Alaska Innocence Project]
McDonald, Donald (w)- 1987, Murder
Osborne, William G. (d)- 2005, Kidnapping, Assault, Sexual Assault
Pease, Kevin (w)- 1999, Murder (Fairbanks Four)
Roberts, Marvin (w)- 1999, Murder (Fairbanks Four)
Vent, Eugene (w)- 1999, Murder (Fairbanks Four)

American Samoa


Arias, Jodi (w) – 2013, Murder
Atwood, Frank Jarvis (d)- 1987, Murder
Bisbee, Courtney (w)- 2006, Child Molestation
Coley, Melvin B (d)- 1998, Conspiracy to commit murder
Correll,  Michael E (d)- 1984, Murder
Harrod, James C. (d)- 1998, Murder
Jones, Shawnte (d)- 2010, Murder
Minnitt, Andre (d)- 1999, Murder
Murray, Hooper (d)- 1982, Murder
Murray, Robert W. (d)- 1992, Murder (See Murray, Roger, below)
Murray, Roger III (d)- 1992, Murder (See Murray, Robert, above)
Nordstrom, Scott (d)- 1998, Murder
Schrum, Susan (d)- 1992, Murder
Soto-Fong, Martin (d)- 1994, Murder
Spears, Anthony (d)- 1993, Murder
Spencer, Clinton (d)- 1991, Murder
Tankersley, Bobby Lee (d)- 1991, Murder
Taylor, Louis C. (d)- 1992, Arson/Murder
Ward, Sean P. (d)- 1996, Murder [Arizona Justice Project]
Washington, Theodore (d)- 1988, Murder
Willoughby, Daniel Hayden (d)- 2002, Murder


Dandridge, Fred R. (d)- 1986, Rape
Dulaney, James C (d)- 1993, Murder
Goff, Belynda (d) – 1996, Murder
Howard, Tim (w) – 1999, Murder
Maulding, Harless (w)- 1987, Murder
McJames, Ronald (w)- 2002, First Degree Murder
Melendez, Anthony (d)- 1983, Murder
Mitchell, Denver Wayne, Jr. (d)- 1992, Murder
Risher, Daniel (w) -1991, Murder
Sevier, Samantha (w)- 2007, Murder
Thrash, Anthony F (d)- 1990, Murder
White, Christopher Newton (d)- 2005, Rape
Zinger, Nikki Sue (w) – 1991, Murder


Baker, Timothy Ray (w)- 1997, Attempted Murder/Sodomy
Barnett, Lee Max (d)- 1986, Murder
Bell, Ronald Lee (d)- 1979, Murder
Bray, Amber (d)- 1998, Murder
Cannedy, Earl Eugene (d)- 2007, Lewd Acts upon a child
Carmichael, Raynell (w)- 2001(?), Felony Evading
Coleman, Jofama
(w)- 2004, Murder
Cooper, Kevin
(w)- 1983, Murder
Cudjo, Armenia Levi (d)- 1988, Murder
Dana, Robert Lee (d)- 1977, Murder
Doolin, Keith (d)- 1996, Murder
Dorotik, Jane (d)- 2001, Murder
Dorrough, Michael Reed, Sr. (d)- 1987, Murder
Dyleski, Scott (w)- 2006, Murder
Eldridge, J. David (w)- 1996, Assault
Fonseca, Timothy (d)- 1995, Murder
Fry, John Francis (d)- 1995, Murder
Gimenez, Alan (d)- 1992, Murder [California Innocence Project]
Goodwin, Michael (w)- 2006, Murder
Hamilton, Thaddeus Dale (d)- 1987, Rape/Kidnapping  [California Innocence Project]
Hein, Brandon Wade (w)- 1996, Murder
Hundley, Mark (d)- ____, Murder
Johnson, Donald Clayton (d)- 1978, Murder
Johnson, Suzanne (d)- 1999, Assault on a Child Resulting in Death  [California Innocence Project]
Killedjian, Jerry (d)- 1993, Murder
Keyes, Jeffrey (w)- 2000, Murder
Lazor, P.F. (d)- 1983, Murder
Leinweber, Mikhiel (w)- 2005, Murder
Lomax, Darrel (w)- 1993, Murder/Robbery
Long, Kimberly (d)- 2009, Murder [California Innocence Project]
Lucas, Troy (w)- _____, Murder
Macias, Dolores (d)- 1999, Murder [California Innocence Project]
Mallory, Shawn (w)- 1995, Murder
Maxwell, Bobby Joe (d)- 1984, Murder
McNeal, Rodney Patrick (d)- 2000, Murder [California Innocence Project]
Miles, Guy Donnell (d)- 1992, Robbery [California Innocence Project]
Miles, Keith Allen (d)- 2003, Murder
Morris, Quintin (d)- 1994, Murder [California Innocence Project]
Mouser, Douglas S., (d)- 1999, Murder
Naposki, Eric (d)- 2011, Murder
Nevarez, Uvaldo (w)- 1993, Second Degree Murder
Ortiz, Adilao Juan (d)- 2003, willful infliction of corporal injury
Parks, Joann (d)- 1993, Murder [California Innocence Project]
Perez, Francisco (w)- 1992, Murder
Peterson, Scott Lee (d)- 2005, Murder
Phillips, Barbara Lynn (w)- 2000, _____
Pinholster, Scott Lynn (d)- 1984, Murder
Richards, William (d)- 1998, Murder [California Innocence Project]
Richter, Joshua N (d)- 1995, Murder
Sok, Phal (w)- 2000, Armed Robbery
Smothers, Jermaine (d)- 1996, Murder
Souliotes, George Apostolos (d)- 2000, Arson/Murder
Thornell, Leslie (d)- 2000, Murder
Thornton, Kevin Z. (d)- 2000, Rape
Visor-Wimsatt (w)- 2000, Murder
Webb, Michael (d)- 1991, Arson/Murder
Williams, Tara Sheneva (d)- 1998, Murder
Wright, Patricia (d)- 1999, Murder
Wynglarz, Timothy (w)- 1993, First Degree Murder
Zumot, Paul (w)- 2011, Murder/Arson


Boppre, Jeff (w)- 1989, Murder
Clark, Michael (d) – 2012, Murder
Davis, Glenn (w)- 2003 Sex with a minor
Duyck, Robert (w)- 1996, Second Degree Murder
Montour, Edward (d) – 1998,  Murder
Newmiller, Todd (d)- 2006, Murder
Rueb, Justin (w)- 2003, Assault of a police office


Coleman, William (w)- 2005, Sexual Assault
Garlington, Ernest (w)- 2008, Conspiracy to Commit Murder
Gould, George Michael (d)- 1995, Felony Murder
Johnson, Bobby (d)- 2006, Murder
Jones, Melvin (d)- 1996, Murder
Lapointe, Richard (w)- 1992, Murder/Rape
Ledbetter, Laquan (d)- 2002, Robbery
Lockhart, Julian J. (d)- 2006, Murder
O’Donnell, Gerald (d) – 2013, Witness Tampering (after securing the exoneration of two men)
Rasmussen, Erik (d)- 1990, Murder
Skakel, Michael (d)- 2002, Murder
Spells, Charles (w)- 2001, Robbery


Keyser, Michael (w)-2005, Murder
Kirk, Mark (d)- 1997, Arson/Murder

District of Columbia

Lentz, Jay E. (d)- 2006, Murder


Alexander, Marissa (w)- 2012, Aggravated Assault with Deadly Weapon
Arthur, Douglas Arthur (w)- 2010, Rape
Bennett, Gary (d)- 1984, Murder
Bogle, Brett A. (d)- 1993, Murder
Broom, Anthony (w)- 1981, Second Degree Murder [Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted]
Cardona, Esdras (d)- 2007, Rape [Florida Innocence Project]
Conahan, Daniel O, Jr. (d)- 2000, Murder
Davis, Kern (w)- 1996(?), Robbery with a Weapon
Derrick, Samuel Jason (w)- 1988, Murder
Dunn, Walter III (w)- 2012, Attempted Murder
Escalona, Frank Fuster (d)- 1985, Sexual Assault
Forti, Enrico  (Italian citizen)(w)- 2000, Murder
Green, Crosley (d)- 1990, Murder
Gutierrez, Jesus (w)- 2005, Sex with a minor
Herrick, Kevin Richard (w)- 1990, Sexual Assault
Hildwin, Paul C. (d)- 1986, Murder
Hodge, Dwight (w)-  1998, First Degree Murder
Holton,Rudolph (d)- 2006, Murder
Ibar, Pablo, (w) – 2000, murder
James, Mitchell Houston, Jr. (d)- 2000, Manslaughter (DUI)
James, Thomas Raynard (d)- 1991, Murder
Jordan, Keith Lamont (d)- 1991, Murder
Kelley, William H (Billy) (d)- 1984, Murder
Kingston, George W (d)- 1994, Murder
Lamarca, Anthony (d)- 1997, Murder
Lambix, Michael R (w)- 1984, Murder
Larzelere, Virginia (d)- 1993, Murder
Lewis, George Allen (d)- 1989, Murder/Rape
Maharaj, Krishna (d)- 1987, Murder
Majors, Steven (d)- 2009, Felony Battery
Merritt, John E (w)- 1986, Murder
Minton, Roy Wilford (d)- 1993, Sexual Battery
Pittman, David Joseph (d)- 1991, Murder
Reed, Grover Burnet (d)- 1987, Murder/Rape
Riechmann, Dieter (d)- 1988, Murder
Rivera, Michael Thomas (d)- 1987, Murder
Rozzelle, Roger A (d)- 1999, Murder
Schofield, Leo Robert (w)- 1989, Murder
Scott, Paul William (w)- 1979, Murder
Simmons, Cecil (d)- 1994, Murder
Simmons, James (d)- 1994, Murder
Smith, Derrick Tyrone (d)- 1993, Murder
Trease, Robert J. (d)- 1996, Murder
Trepal, George (d)- 1991, Murder
Wright, Joel D. (d)- 1983, Murder
Zakrzewski, Edward (d)- 1996, Murder
Zeigler, William Thomas (Tommy) (d)- 1976, Murder


Birkbeck, Benjamin (d)- 2007, Child molestation
Gates, Johnny Lee (w)- 1977, Murder
Jones, Kareem Samuel (d)- 2006, Armed Robbery
McNeil, John Garrett (d)- 2006, Murder
Robinson, Kerry L (d) – 2002, Rape
Thomas, Corey (w)- 2005, Rape
Wellons, Marcus A. (d)- 1989, Murder, Rape
Williams, Wayne (d)- 1982, Murder



Pauline, Frank, Jr. (d)- 1999, Murder
Samonte, Lael (w)- 1988, Attempted Murder


Adams, Clayton (d)- 2006, Murder
Thorngren, Donna Kay (d)- 2007, Murder


Anderson, Tyjuan (d)- 2002, Murder
Baker, Daniel (d)- 2012, Murder
Bannister, James (d)- 1990, Murder
Boyd, Lathierial (w)-1999, Murder
Cross, Irving L (d)- 1998, Sexual Assault
Del Prete, Jennifer (d)- 2005, Murder
Edwards, James (d)- 1996, Murder
Gildon, Jermaine (d)- 2000, Murder
Gomez, Ariel (d)- 1998, Murder
Hood, Tyrone (d)- 1993, Murder
Jacobazzi, Pamela (d)- 1999, Murder (Shaken Baby Syndrome)  [Illinois Innocence Project]
Johnson, Charles (d) – 1996, Murder
Johnson, Lumont (d)- 2002, Murder
Kuhl, Ted (d)- 1999, Murder
McCullough, Jack (d)- 2012, Murder
McKinney, Anthony (d)- 1981, Murder
McMillen, Tom (d)- 1990, Murder [Illinois Innocence Project]
McNeil, Barton (w) (d)- 1999, Murder
Peterson, Drew (d)- 2012, Murder
Petitt, Dennis (w)- 2010, Murder [Justice for Illinois’ Wrongly Convicted]
Pursley, Patrick (d)- 1994, Murder [Justice for Illinois’ Wrongly Convicted]
Ross, Anthony (d)- 2002, Murder
Slover, Jeanette (d)- 2002, Murder [Illinois Innocence Project]
Slover, Michael K., Jr. (d)- 2002, Murder [Illinois Innocence Project]
Slover, Michael K., Sr. (d)- 2002, Murder [Illinois Innocence Project]
Snow, Jamie (w)- 2001, Murder
Tolbert, Elizabeth (d)- 1998, Murder
Watkins, Donald (d)- 2004, Murder
Whalen, Donald (d)- 1991, Murder
Whitehead, Hozy (d)- 2009, Sexual Assault
Williams, Carl (d)- 1994, Murder
Wrice, Stanley (d)- 1982, Rape [Chicago Innocence Project]


Bradford, Patrick (d)- 1993, Murder
Camm, David (w)- 2002, Murder
Donald, Willie T “Timmy” (d)- 1992, Murder
Harrison, James P. (d)- 1991, Murder/Arson
Pender, Sarah Jo (w)- 2002, Murder
Stone, James D. (d)- 1986, Attempted Murder
Whalen, Donald (d)- 1991, Murder


Ellenbecker, Thaddeus J. (d)- 2012, Arson/Burglary
Flanders, Kenneth Mick (d)- 1994, Kidnapping
Keyes, Stephen Shawn (d)- 1997, Arson/murder
O’Geary, Sean Patrick (d)- 1998, Murder (SBS)
Ragland, Jeffrey (d)- 1986, Murder


Haddock, Kenneth (d)- 1993, Murder


Bowling, Ronnie Lee (d)- 1992, Murder
Clark, Jeffrey Dewayne (d)- 1995, murder
Hardin, Garr Keith (d)- 1995, murder
McCreary, John Patrick (d)- 2002, Murder
Virgil, William (d)- 1988, Murder [Kentucky Innocence Project]


Brown, Darrien Wayne (d)- 1997, Rape
Bunch, James William (d)- 1982, Murder
Floyd, John (d)- 1982, Murder [Innocence Project of New Orleans]
Ford, Glenn (d)- 1985, Murder
Jarrow, Lloyd (w)- 2001, Murder
Kennedy, Patrick (d)- 1998, Rape of a Child
Lacaze, Rogers (w)- 1995, Murder
Marlo, Charles, Sr. (d)- 2002, Rape
Morgan, Jerome (d)- 1993, Murder [Innocence Project of New Orleans]
Reed, Kenneth (d)- 1991, Rape [Innocence Project, NY]
Simmons, Vincent A, Jr. (d)- 1977, Rape
Smith, Juan (d)- 1996, Murder
Toca, George (d)- 1985, Murder [Innocence Project of New Orleans]
Tyler, Gary (w) 1975, Murder
Wallace, Herman (w)- 1972, Murder (see Woodfox, Albert)
Woodfox, Albert (w)- 1972, Murder (see Wallace, Herman)


Ardolino, Robert James  (d)- 1996, Depraved Indifference Murder
Bates, Foster (d)- 2002, Murder [New England Innocence Project]
Commeau, Michael E. (d) – 2001, Rape
Cookson, Jeffrey A. (d)- 2011, Murder
Dechaine, Dennis John (w)- 1989, Murder [Innocence Project, NY]
Dolloff, Linda Susan (d)- 2010, Attempted Murder
Drewry, Brandon Boone (d)- 2002 Rape/Kidnapping
Reese, Olland (d)- 2003, Murder
Sanborn, Anthony (d)- 1993, Murder [New England Innocence Project]
Twardus, Jason Michael (d)-  (2010, Murder
Williams, Jeffery Lee (d)- 2010, Murder


Arey, Douglas Scott (d)- 1974, Murder
Booth, John (d)- 1985, Murder
Burns, Charles (w)- 2007, Murder
Kulbicki, James (d)- 1993, Murder
Marshall, Jermaine (w)- 2001, Murder/Robbery
Mathews, Clara (w)- ___, Solicitation for Murder/Conspiracy
Ray, William (d)- 1988, Robbery/Murder
Syed, Adnan (d) – 1999, Murder
Wiggins, Kevin (d)- 1989, Murder


Gaskins, Tony (w)- 1992, Murder
Halsey, Robert C (d)- 1993, Sexual Assault
Houghton, Henry (w)- 1982, Rape  [Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted]
LaGuer, Benjamin (w)- 1984, Rape [Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted]
Rodwell, James (w)- 1984, Murder
Sullivan, Michael J. (d)- 1987(?), Murder
Thomas, Hassan (d)- 1997, Murder


Baker, Corrine (d)- 2011, Murder
Belanger, Melissa Kay (d)-2004, Murder
Bell, Arthur, (d)- 1989, Murder
Boes, Karen Sue (d)- 2003, Murder
Davis, Michael (w)- 2007, Murder
Delisle, Lawrence John (d)- 1990, Murder
Dufresne, Joel (w)- 2006, Rape
Ewing, John (w)- 1984, Rape
Garrett, William (d)- 2007, Armed Robbery
Kensu, Temujin (Freeman, Frederick) (w)- 1987, Murder
Leiterman, Gary (w)- 2005, Murder
Lippert, Phillip Lee (d)- 1971,Murder
Morris, Gary Lee (d)- 1994, Rape
Morris, Terry Lewis (d)- 1987, Murder
Paredes, Efren (w)- 1989, Murder
Perkins, Floyd Gene (d)- 1993, Murder
Salerno, Michael (w)- 2001, Murder
Smith, Frederick J. (d)- 1984, Rape
Vinson, Karl (d)- 1987, Rape
Wicker, Thomas Peter (d)- 1998, Assault (habitual offender)


Beurman, Justin (w)- 2004, Criminal Sexual Conduct
Francis, Michael Calvin (d)- 2004, Murder
Stoner, Michael  (d)- 2008, Reckless Endangerment


Flowers, Curtis Giovanni (d)- 2010, Murder
Havard, Jeffrey (w)- 2002, Murder
Lindsey, Michael (w)- 2011, Manslaughter
Owens, Charles (w)- 2001, Armed Robbery
Todd, Cameron (d)- 1999, Rape
Wharton, Darren (w)-1995, Murder


Carr, Rodney (d)- 1984, Murder
Case, Byron (w)- 2002, Murder
Clay, Richard D. (w)- 1995, Murder
Dunn, Christopher (d)- 1990, Murder
Ferguson, Ryan (w) (w2)– 2005, Murder
Hemme, Sandra L (d)- 1985, Murder
Henderson, Judy (w)- 1982, Murder
Kidd, Ricky (w)- 1999, Murder
Lincoln, Rodney  (d)- 1982, Murder
Parker, Jerry Lynn (w)- 1999, Sexual Assault
Schlup, Lloyd E (d)- 1986, Murder
Taylor, Arthur  (w)- 2002, First Degree Robbery
Williams, Brenda (w)- 2003, Murder
Woodworth, Mark (d)- 1995, Murder



Sobey, Art (w)- 2002, Rape


Brown, Troy (d)- 1994, Rape
Lobato Kirstin (w)- 2002, Murder
Milbourn, Richard (d)- 1981, Murder
Moe, Michael (d) – 2009, Attempted Shoplifting
Roever, Lerlene (d)- 1999, Murder
Rudin, Margaret (d)- 1994, Murder
Ruffa, David (d)- 2006, Murder
Schwiger, Lawrence (d)- 2001, Lewdness
Williams, Christopher (w)- 2001, Murder

New Hampshire

Bader, Seth.  (d)- 1998, Murder
Breest, Robert (d)- 1973, Murder
Carroll, Jason (d) – 1991, Murder
Chevalier, Brian (d)- 2004, Kidnapping
Evans, Chad, (w)- 2001, Murder  [BonPasse Exoneration Services]
Furgal, Cory (w)- 2011, Murder
Giddens, Douglas (d)- 2004, Sexual Assault
Hearns, Dwayne (d)- 2002, Aggravated felonious sexual assault
Howard, Gary (d)- 2000, Felonious Sexual Assault  [BonPasse Exoneration Services]
MacRae, Gordon,(w)- 1994, Sexual Assault
Perry, Barion (d)- 2009, Theft by unauthorized taking
Silva, Edward (d)- 1995, Aggravated felonious sexual assault
Smart, Pamela (d)- 1991, Murder
Spinner, Donald, Jr. (d) – 2005, Sexual Assault on a Minor

New Jersey

Cook, Thomahl  (d)- 2000, Murder
Edwards, Darrell (d)- 1999, Murder
Harvey, Nathaniel (d)- 1986, Murder
Henry, David (w)- 2007, Aggravated Manslaughter

New Mexico

Case, Carl (d)- 1982, Murder, Rape

New York

Bottom, Anthony aka Jalil Abdul Muntaqim (d)-1977, Murder
Bower, Ronald (d)- 1993, Sexual Assault
Brockington, Todderick (d)- 1992, Felony Murder
Carter, Cheyenne (w)- 1995, Murder (See Saxon, Donald)
Cassie, Henry (d)- 2001, Felony Murder
Cole, Valance (d)- 1986, Manslaughter
Collins, Jeffrey (d)- 1993, Murder
Cortez, Paul (w)- 2007, Murder
Deacon, Derrick (d)- 1990, Murder [The Exoneration Initiative]
Dixon, Valentino (w)- 1992, Murder
Epps, Cory L. (d)- 1998, Murder [The Exoneration Initiative]
Gueits, Johnny (d)- 2002, Assault
Hamilton, Derrick (d)- 1993, Murder
Jimenez, Rafael (d)- 1994, Murder [The Exoneration Initiative]
Li, Hang Bin (d)- 2013, Manslaughter
Mixon, Charles (d)- Murder/Arson
Morales, Edgar (d)- 2007, Conspiracy
Nickel, Jeffery (w)-2001, Child Molestation
Ortiz, Josue D. (d)- 2006, Murder
Porco, Christopher (d)- 2006, Murder
Pulecio, Victor A. (d)- 1990, Attempted Murder
Rivas, Hector M. (d)- 1993, Murder
Rosario, Richard (d)- 1999, Murder [The Exoneration Initiative]
Saxon, Donald (w)- 1995, Murder (See Carter, Cheyenne)
Stern, Allan (w)- 1990, Murder
Umali, Isaias (d)- 2005, First Degree Manslaughter
Vega, Manuel (d)- 2002, Murder
Velazquez, Jon-Adrian (d)- 1999, Murder
Wagstaffe, Everton (d)- 1993, Murder
Watson, Shane (d) – 1993, murder
Westervelt, Erik (w)- 2005, Second Degree Murder
Williams, DeAndre (w)- 1997, Assault

North Carolina

Bryant, Christopher, (d)- 2005, 2nd Degree Murder
Cooper, Brad (w)- 2011, Murder
Finch, Charles (d) – 1977, Murder
Hatcher, Eddie (d)- 1993, Murder
Hunt, Lee (d)-1986, Murder
Kersey, Horace H. (d) – Robbery, Habitual Felon
Lamb, Larry (d)- 1993, Murder  [North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence]
Long, Ronnie (d)- 1976, Rape
McKoy, Lamont (d)- 1990, Murder
McNeil, Terry Lee (d)- 2001, Kidnapping/Robbery
Reeves, Henry Archie III (d)- 2001, Indecent Liberties with a child
Sledge, Joseph (d)- 1978, Murder
Smith, Kalvin Michael (d)- 1996, Assault/Robbery
Theer, Michelle (d)- 2004, Murder
Young, Jason (w)- 2012, Murder

North Dakota

Gibbs, Moe (w)- 2007, Murder

Northern Marianas Islands


Apanovitch, Anthony (d)- 1985, Murder/Rape
Barnes, Jack (w)- 1984, Child Sexual Contact
Barnes, Linda (d)- 1984, Child Endangerment
Davis, Ian Benson (d)- 1994, Murder
Biggs, Jay (w)- 2008, Murder
Campbell, Jerome (w)- 1989, Murder
Caulley, Robert (d)- 1997, Murder
Cioffi, Anthony (d)- 1996, Rape
Clark, David E. (d)- 1993, Murder
Cleveland, Alfred (d)- 1996, Murder
DeLeon, Antonio Mike (d)- 1998, Attempted Murder
Doan, Vincent (d)- 1997, Murder
Edwards, Lenworth O (d)- 1992, Murder
Fuller, Christopher (d)- 2001, Murder/Rape
Hawkins, Shawn (w) – 1989, Murder
Henness, Warren Keith (d)- 1992, Murder
Humfleet, Ronnie (d)- 1984, Rape
Jenkins, Willie D. Jr. (d)- 2000, Rape
Keith, Kevin (d)- 1994, Murder
Krzywkowski, Grady (d)- 2001, Rape
Lewis, Antun (d) – 2012, Arson.Murder
Lott, Gregory (d)- 1987, Murder
Mapp, Emmett E. (d)- 1992, Murder
Noling, Tyrone (w)- 1990, Murder/Robbery
[Ohio Innocence Project]
[The Wrongful Convictions Project of the Ohio Public Defenders’ Office on non-DNA issues]

Peters, John (d)- 1988, Rape
Pudelski, John (d)- 1999, Murder
Roberts, Clarence Dean (“Skip”) (d)- 1997, Rape
Robinson, Gerald (w)- 2006, Murder
Roper, Michael (d)- 2001, Murder/Robbery
Ross, Denny F. (d)- 2004, Murder/Rape
Skatzes, George W. (d)- 1983, Murder
Spirko, John (d)- 1984, Murder
Thorne, David (w)- 2000, Murder [Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted]
Tolliver, Kevin (w)- 2002, Murder
Tyler, Arthur(w) (w2)– 1983, Murder
Waddell, Dennis (w)- 1999, Attempted Murder
Weaver, Clarence (d)- 1991, Murder
Widmer, Ryan (d)- 2011, Murder


Bauhaus, James (w)- 1974, Murder
Fontenot, Karl (d)- 1987, Murder (See Ward, Thomas)
Gibson, Ronnie Lee (d)- 1975, First Degree Manslaughter
Guzek, Randy Lee (d)- 1988, Murder
Hickey, Troy (d)- 1989, Murder
Oldham, Delbert (w)- 1992, Rape
Pemberton, Paul (w)- 2004, Murder
Smith, Raye Dawn (w)- 2006, Enabling Child Abuse
Ward, Thomas (d)- 1987, Murder (See Fontenot, Karl)
Watson, Stanley (w)- 2001, Murder


Eklof, Karlyn (d)- 1995, Murder
Gable, Frank (d)- 1991, Murder
Hernandez, Robert Anthony (d)- 2009, Sexual abuse
Lawson, Samuel Adam (d)- 2006, Murder
Liston, David (w)-2003, Kidnapping/Sexual Abuse
Peed, Thomas (w)- 2001, Child Molestation

Slover, Andrew (d) – 2015, Robbery, Murder
Turnidge, Bruce Aldon (d)- 2011, Murder
Turnidge, Joshua Abraham (d)- 2011, Murder


Abu-Jamal, Mumia (d)- 1984, Murder
Adams, Charles (d)- 1983, Murder
Battles, Theresa (d)- 1988, Murder
Blake, Robert William (d)- 1992, Murder
Blakeney, Herbert (w)- 2002, Murder
Booker, George (d)- 1981, Murder
Boykin, Sylvia (d)- 1992, Conspiracy to Murder
Brooks, George (d)- 1976, Murder
Brothers, William B. (d)- 1989, Robbery
Brown, Gregory Lynn, Jr. (d)-  1997, Arson/Homicide  [Pennsylvania Innocence Project]
Brown, Jordan Anthony (d)- 2012, Murder
Chester, Frank (w)- 1988, Murder
Chhoeum, Savong (d)- 1993, Murder
Conway, Robert (d)- 1987, Murder
Cox, Da’Ron Albert (d)- 1997, Murder
Cristina, Jeffrey (d)- 1976, Murder
Davis, Krishaun (d)- 1994, Armed Robbery
Day, Michael (d)- 1995, Murder/Rape
Deloe, Mike (w)- 2008, Assault
Dennis, Jimmy (w)- 1992, Murder
Dirago, Michael (d)- 1991, Murder
Dougherty, Daniel (d)- 2000, Murder/Arson
Dowling, Kevin Brian (d)- 2000, Murder
Evans, Arnim D. (d)- 1999, Murder
Ford, Paul Jr. (d)- 1994, Murder
Franklin, Ernest (w)- ____, Murder
Glass, Commer (d)- 1976, Murder
Glenn, Luther (d)- 1999, Murder
Goldblum, Zeke (w)- 1977, Murder
Greene, Eric aka Trice, Jarmaine (d)- 1994, Murder, Robbery
Hale, Marshall (d)- 1986, Rape [Pennsylvania Innocence Project]
Hall, Joe (d)- 2007, Murder
Han Tak Lee (d)- 1990, Arson/Murder
Hussman, Joseph C (d)- ____, Murder
Lorenzo Johnson, (w) – 1996, Murder.
Johnson, Roderick (d)- 1998, Murder
Jones, Tyrone (d)- 1973, Murder [Pennsylvania Innocence Project]
Joseph, Troy (d)- 1997, Murder
Knecht, Martin Louis (d)- 1977, Murder
Lambert, Lisa Michelle  (d)- 1998, Murder
Matthew, Jheri (d)- 2007, Conspiracy to Murder
McCauley, Emerson (d)- 1989, Murder
Mibroda, Claydon D. (w) – 2013, Murder
Miller, John (d)- 1998, Murder [Pennsylvania Innocence Project]
Montalvo, Noel Matos (d)- 2003, Murder
Nebot, Miriam (d)- 2002, Murder
Oliver, Scott (d)- 1991, Murder/Rape
ONeill, Francis (w)- 1980, Third Degree Murder
Ogrod, Walter (d)- 1996, Murder
Porter, Thomas (d)- 1999, Assault/Robbery
Price, Curtis W (d)- 2007, Burglary
Ragan, Derrick Gordon (d)- 1991, Murder
Randolph, Samuel (d)- 2003, Murder
Reid, Giovanni (w)- 1993, Murder
Rivera, Robert (d)- 2002, Murder
Shaw, Tracey (d)- 1996, Arson/Murder
Siehl, Kevin (d)- 1991, Murder
Simmons, Ernest (d)- 1993, Murder
Sistrunk, Edward (d)- 1995, Murder
Slutzger, Steven G (d)- 1992, Murder
Smallwood, Letitia (d)- 1972, Arson/Murder
Thomas, Shaurn (d)- 1994, Murder [Pennsylvania Innocence Project]
Turner, David (d)- ____, Murder [Pennsylvania Innocence Project]
Weimer, Crystal Dawn (d)- 2006, Conspiracy to Murder
Wilmer, Shawn (d)- 2007, Murder
Wright, Anthony (d)- 1993, Murder/Rape [Innocence Project, NY]
Wright, Douglas (d)- 1996, Murder (Shaken Baby Syndrome)
Young, John K. (d)- 1975, Murder

Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

Briggs, Chester (d)- 2001, Murder
Barros, Tracey (d)- 2008, Murder
Tempest, Raymond “Beaver” D.  (d)- 1992, Murder  [New England Innocence Project]
Washington, Jeffrey (w)- 1988, Murder

South Carolina

Bradley, Keith (d)- 2008, Murder
Cope, Billy Wayne (d)- 2004, Murder
Gray, Noel (w)- 2005, Sexual Contact with a Minor
Holmes, Bobby Lee (d)- 2008, Rape
Lemacks, Jennifer (d)-2002, Assault and Battery with Intent to Kill
Robinson, Phillip (d)-   1975, Murder
Stutts, Thomas Mitchell (d)- 1994, Murder

South Dakota

Howard, Jeff (w)- 1981, Murder


Casteel, Frank (w)- 1998, Murder
Cureton, Jimmy Ray, Jr. (w)- 1997, Murder
Harris, Teresa Deion (d)- 1994, Murder
Maze, Russell (w)- 2004, Murder/Aggravated Child Abuse
Powers, Rudolph (d)- 1981, Rape
Swader, Le Tonio Corez Swader (w)- 2003, Murder
Thompson, Gregory (d)- 1985, Murder


Adams, John Wade (w)- 1998, Murder
Adams, Meagan Mae (d)- 2003, Murder (when a juvenile)
Alvarado, Ignacio (d)- 1999, Aggravated Sexual Assault
Amir-Sharif, Lakeith (d)- 2008, ________
Baker, Timothy N. (d)- 1992, Aggravated Robbery
Banks, Delma (d)- 1980, Murder
Bolton, Charlsie (w)-  2002, Murder
Bower, Lester Leroy, Jr. (d)- 1984, Murder
Brown, Darryl Lynn (w)- 1987, Murder
Brown, Romero (w)- 1994, Murder
Burks, Lamar (d)- 2000, Murder
Carpenter, David (w)- 1999, Murder
Carty, Linda (d)- 2002, Murder
Cash, Cynthia (d)- 1999, Murder (Shaken Baby Syndrome)
Claxton, Gena (w)- 2001, Solicitation Capital Murder
Colella, Paul Richard (w)- 2003, Murder
Coy, Carlos (d)- 2002, Aggravated sexual assault of a child
Cummings, Rickey Donnell (d)- 2012, Murder
Dawson, Donald Roy (d)- 2001, Solicitation for capital murder
Draeger, Colette (w)- 1998, Murder of a child
Fierro, Cesar (w)- 1980, Murder
Ford, Tony Egbuna (w)- 1993, Murder
Foster, Kenneth (w)- 1997, Murder
Fratta, Robert, (w)- 2009, Murder
Graf, Ed (w)- 1988, Arson/Murder [Innocence Project of Texas]
Green, John Earl (d)- 1999, Murder
Harris, Thomas Randolph (d)- 1997, Aggravates sexual assault of a child
Harvey, John Michael (d)- 2001, Indecent contact with a child
Henderson, Cathy Lynn (d)- 1995, Murder
Hinkle, Eric (w)- 1998, Sexual Assault of a Child
Holiday, Raphael Deon (d)- 2002, Arson/Murder
Iozzo, Tina (w)- 1998, Driving while Intoxicated/(prev. Murder)
Henderson, Leroy (d)- 1998, Sexual assault of a child
Irvan, William Darin (d)- 2003, Murder
Jimenez, Rosa Estela Olvera (d)- 2005, Murder
Johnson, Celeste Beard (w)- 2002, Murder
Kelly, Marcia (w)- 2006, Murder
Keller, Frances (d)- 1992, Sexual assault of a child
Kemmerer, Trenda Loue (w)- 2001, Murder
LaBonte, Lonnie Rayallen (d)- 2000, Murder
LaFleur, Russell Wayne (d)- 2000, Murder
LaFuente, Richard (d)- 1986, Murder
Larson, Louanne (w)- 1993, Murder
Lee, Kevin (w)- ____, Sexual Assault
Marshall, Gerald E. (w)- 2004, Murder
Martin, Garland Leon “Butch” (d)- 1999, Arson/Murder
Mayhugh, Kristie (w)- 1998, Sexual Assault (San Antonio Four)
[Innocence Project of Texas]
McDade, Michael (w)- 2005, Bank Robbery
Medina, Anthony (w)- 1996, Murder
Melendez, Anthony (d)- 1984, Murder
Moreno, Valentin, Jr. (d)- 1997, Murder
Napper, Lawrence (d)- 2001, Rape
Nelson, Steven Lawayne (d)- 2012, Murder
Osteen, Jimmy Lee (d)- 1997,  Aggravated Robbery
Overton, Hannah (d)- 2007, Murder
Payne, Jason (w)- 2010, Murder  [Advocates for Wrongfully Convicted]
Peavey, Markum Woodrow (d)- 2006, Driving While Intoxicated
Pierce, Anthony (d)- 1987, Murder
Pipkin, Mark (w)- 2005, Child Rape
Raby, Charles (d)- 1993, Murder
Ramirez, Elizabeth (w)- 1997, Sexual Assault (San Antonio Four) [Innocence Project of Texas]
Reed, Rodney (d)- 1998, Murder
Reed, Sonya Fawn (w)- 1999, Organized Criminal Activity
Reger, Russell J. (Rusty) (w)- 1996, Murder
Rivera, Cassandra (w)- 1998, Sexual Assault (San Antonio Four) [Innocence Project of Texas]
Robbins, Neah Hampton (d)- 1999, Murder
Routier, Darlie (w)- 1997, Murder
Severns, Curtis (d)- 2004, Arson
Shaw, Desiree (d)- 1996, Murder
Skinner, Hank (w)- 1995, Murder
Soffar, Max Alexander (d)- 2006, Murder
Spencer, Benjamin John (d)- 1987, Murder  [Centurion Ministries]
Swafford,  Roy C. (d)- 1983, Murder/Rape
Swearingen, Larry (w)- 2000, Murder  [Innocence Project, NY]
Taylor, Christopher Andra (d)- 1998, Bank Robbery
Trevino, Carlos (d)- 1997, Murder
Vallejo, Arturo (w)- ____,  Sexual Assault of a Child and Indecency with a Child
Van Story, Jay B. (d)- 1989, Aggravated Sexual Harassment
Vega, Jose (w)- 2004, Rape of a Child
Velez, Manuel (d)- 2008, Murder
Whitaker, Thomas Bartlett (d)- 2007, Murder
Widener, Michael (w)- 2003, Murder
Will, Robert Gene (w)- 2002, Murder
Young, Clinton Lee (w)- 2003, Murder


Hamilton, Tony Alexander (d)- 2000, Attempted murder of policeman



Cameron, Alexander (d)- 1987, Rape
Cruz, Edwin (w)- 1992, Possession of Drugs with Intent to Distribute
Decaprio-Cuozzo, William J. (d)- 1999, Sexual liberties with a child.
DePaolis, Daniele (w)- 2005, Murder
Diane Fleming (d) – 2002, Murder
Giarratano, Joseph (d)- 1979, Murder
Ledford, Michael (w)- 2000, Arson/Murder
Lester, Dorian (d)- 1998, Murder
Lovitt, Robin (d) – 2000, Murder
McAlister, Michael Kenneth (d)- 1986, Rape
Smith Christopher Brusant (d)- 2002, Murder
Soering, Jens (w)- 1986, Murder
Teleguz, Ivan (d)- 2006, Murder
Turner, Dustin (w)- 1995, Murder
Whitt, Nellie Sue (d)- 1993, Murder
Wolfe, Justin (w)- 2002, Murder

Virgin Islands


Benn, Gary Michael (d)- 2003, Murder
Burns, Sebastian (d)- 2004, Murder  (See Rafay, Atif)
King, Indle Gifford, Jr. (d)-  2002, Murder
McDonald, Steven Darby (w)- 2002, Arson (3-strikes)
Rafay, Atif (d)- 2004, Murder  (See Burns, Sebastian)
Stein, John Kenneth (d)-2004, Attempted Murder
Stenson, Darold (w)- 1994, Murder

West Virginia

Buffey, Joseph A. (d)- 2001 Rape/Robbery  [Innocence Project, NY]
Davis, Jessie (d)- 1995, Sexual abuse


Avery, Brian K.  (d)- 1994, Robbery [Wisconsin Innocence Project]
Awe, Joseph A. “Joey” (d)- 1996, Arson
Balsewicz, John H. (d)- 1991, Murder
Basten, Dale M (d)- 1995, Murder [Monfils Six]
Brummer, Penny (d)- 1995, Murder
Dubose, Tyrone (d)- 2002, Armed Robbery
Hirn, Michael K (d)- 1995, Murder [Monfils Six]
Hudson, Kenneth (d)- 2001, Murder
James, Alphonso (w)- 1986, Murder
Jensen, Mark (w)- 2008, Murder
Johnson, Michael L (d)- 1995, Murder [Monfils Six]
Jones, Christopher D. (d)- 2009, Murder
Kloss, Robert (w)-2006, Second Degree Assault
Kutska, Keith M (d)- 1995, Murder [Monfils Six]
Louis, Quentin (d)- 2006, Murder (SBS)
Malone, Seneca (d)- 2008, Murder  [Wisconsin Innocence Project]
Maloney, John (d)- 1999, Arson/Murder
Moore, Reynold C (d)- 1995, Murder [Monfils Six]
Moran, James M.  (d)- 1995, Attempted Murder
Poff, Jeff, (d)- 2000, Murder
Skamfer, Matthew (w)- 2008, Battery by Prisoner
Volbrecht, Terry (d)- 1987, Murder
Whitehead, Lionel (d)- 2002, Armed Burglary/Armed Robbery


Andrew Johnson (d)- 1989, Rape  [Rocky Mountain Innocence Center]

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